Night Flight Over Telluride


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28" x 48"



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The Marcus Ashley Gallery fosters real connections with clients and artists. It is the staff’s exceptional service that makes it a preferred location for visitors to view art. Contemporary artist Michael Parkes is so fond of the gallery that he visits every chance he gets. Fans will be happy to find Alexander Volkov art at the gallery. The artist’s soulful pieces are a favorite of art enthusiasts from far and near.

In Night Flight Over Telluride, the artist demonstrates a breathtaking view of the Rocky Mountains. Telluride is famous for its ski resorts, scenic routes, and undulating rocky landscape, and Volkov’s paintings on Telluride (a recurring theme) will look grand when placed together.

The sun creates a mosaic of shadows and light across the mountain peaks and valleys. From up here, you can see daylight receding quickly as the cloud-streaked sky turns a deeper shade of blue. Fir and pine trees populate the landscape, creating a lovely carpet of lush greenery.

Sunsets from this height will surely be a sight to behold, and Night Flight Over Telluride will be a lovely reminder of one’s time at the gallery.