An Evening Conversation


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34" x 24"



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At some point in our lives, we may have indulged in or loved the idea of art. Visiting the Marcus Ashley Gallery allows visitors to reacquaint themselves with that world. The gallery is a safe space for one to let their minds and spirits wander. You will also be pleased to peruse Alexander Volkov art, a series of paintings highlighting the artist’s unrivaled genius.

Volkov’s fascination for texture and varying degrees of light can be seen in An Evening Conversation – a painting from the artist’s window collection. Against a muted background of trees heavily laden with virgin snow, the artist paints an ornate candle holder beside a glass of red wine. At odds with the whites and blacks, the crimson red and the stark flame add pops of color to awaken the composition. A subtle hint perhaps that no matter how bleak life may seem at certain moments, there’s always something to be grateful for.

As winter sweeps in, the land grows quiet and still as its inhabitants embrace a slow-paced life. Winter is the perfect time for conversations over warm drinks with those we love. An Evening Conversation salutes the coming together of people as the weeks count down to the end of another year. Only 25 collector editions of this painting are available worldwide. This piece will be a worthy addition to a private or public space.