March Brook


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40" x 30"



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“I like the composition and the colors of this landscape, the way the brook cut across the field, the abstract pattern of the patches of snow in the grass, the bare tree is reflected in the still water. It might have seemed dreary, almost bleak, yet in it, there was that “something about spring” which I can’t quite explain.” – Alexander Volkov

The Marcus Ashley Gallery is proud to have a staff of custom framers and art consultants who share a similar passion for the arts. For more than 18 years, the patrons have maintained a space that is a testament to their love of art. Along the spacious walkways that weave in and out of this gallery and among its vast collection, you will also find the intriguing and soulful Alexander Volkov art.

In March Brook, the artist paints a contrasting composition of what he sees versus what it conveys. Clouds loom in the distance, blocking out most of the daylight. Volkov paints a little brook that catches the reflection of a leafless tree. As the snow slowly melts away, the earth resumes thriving in slow animation.

While the mood of this piece appears insipid, the arrival of spring uplifts the gloom. The artist cleverly demonstrates how two opposites can still appear strangely beautiful when looked at differently. March Brook is a unique piece that deserves a spot on a bare wall.