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48" x 32"



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The Marcus Ashley Gallery celebrates the works of upcoming and established artists. This brick-and-mortar space displays Alexander Volkov art along with the collections of famous artists. Visitors can explore a riveting smorgasbord of sculptures, limited-edition pieces, and paintings in different mediums.

Nature plays a profound role in Volkov’s artistic endeavors. From the way light shifts from season to season to how the colors transform the land, the earth offers a kaleidoscopic display. In Maples, Volkov demonstrates the beauty of the world above us. It’s his way of saying stop, look up, and take a moment.

Volkov commingles autumn-rich hues against a lavender-blue sky. The trees carry painstaking brushwork that reveals a lovely network of rich foliage. The crisp, fresh air is almost palpable as one views this piece at length. The artist shares a pretty perspective that will leave you feeling renewed, overwhelmed, and hopeful.

Maples and other works by Volkov are available for purchase or viewing at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. To keep abreast of the gallery’s updates and events, visitors can sign up for their newsletter.