Autumn Crossing


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26" x 36"



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You know you’re in the right place at the Marcus Ashley Gallery when the hospitality is on point, the art is mesmerizing, and the atmosphere is inviting. Fans of impressionist paintings will be thrilled to explore the Alexander Volkov art on display. Whether you’re an art newbie or aficionado, the gallery will drive you to learn and expand your knowledge of art and its many forms.

Volkov’s affinity for the tranquil rural life with its intriguing stories and rich architecture is evident in Autumn Crossing. Volkov paints a sleepy town along a picturesque riverbank, flanked by towering trees with showy fall-colored leaves. A muted palette meets a vibrant flurry of hues to highlight the charm of this season.

Life in this town can be predictable, but the breathtaking beauty that envelopes this canvas is ever-changing. Volkov gives us a glimpse of this everyday beauty that, albeit, often goes unnoticed.

The artist’s seasonal paintings look grand together or on their own, allowing collectors to experiment with different themes. Autumn Crossing is a heartwarming piece that deserves pride of place on the wall of a residence or a place of business.