Autumn Waltz


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20" x 30"


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“I remember watching the leaves circling each other as if in a slow dance, coming together, then apart and together again as if suspended in midair. They were like couples, obvious to the world around them, dancing to music only they could hear.” – Alexander Volkov

The Marcus Ashley Gallery houses art by local artists from California and Nevada as well as international painters. Together, they bring a potpourri of otherworldly, traditional, and contemporary artwork to the table. Besides its growing repertoire of works by rising and familiar talent, the gallery also displays Alexander Volkov art.

The artist’s prowess behind the brush, photo-realist compositions, and passionate themes make his work highly coveted by collectors. In Autumn Waltz, Volkov gets up-close with nature as he captures the movement of maple leaves over water. As the crystal-clear stream trickles and bobs over smooth pebbles, the amber-hued leaves dance to a silent melody.

Volkov uses purposeful brushstrokes to control the intensity of color and light to produce a lifelike composition. Notice how sunlight breaks through the water’s surface, creating a web of veins that run over the riverbed. This piece is a nod to the artist’s reverence for nature’s random yet beautiful moments.