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The panoramic beauty of Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe is truly a sight to behold. Its intriguing geology, glacial action roots, and history earned it the designation of National Natural Landmark. Several Rolinda Stotts art exhibits capture the beauty of Lake Tahoe’s treasures in rich detail, texture, and color. Her vertical painting titled Emerald Bay captures the depth and movement of the region’s gradient azure waters. The piece invites several minutes of self-reflection and deep contemplation of nature’s enduring charm and strength.

Stotts has a notable reputation in the art community for creating vivid masterpieces with artistic finesse. Her creative process is as impressive as the paintings she produces. A hand-broken canvas provides the perfect surface for Stotts’s recreations of the places she visits. The artist first discovered her calling on a trip to Italy. The faded, aged frescos of great masters served as inspiration and stoked her passion for art.

Contemporary themes and familiar places materialize in her paintings, and viewers will be privileged to experience a rare form of beauty through Stotts’s work. Emerald Bay will look stunning against similar vertical artwork by the artist. The gallery staff will be more than happy to take interested buyers through her pieces or the other artworks on display.