Aspen Morning


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28" x 48"



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The Marcus Ashley Gallery is located at the heart of Lake Tahoe and offers an enriching experience. Unlike most run-of-the-mill galleries, this space extends special attention to customers and artists, and the staff is always ready to be of service and share their knowledge on the collections. They’re well-versed with the pieces, including Alexander Volkov art.

The Russian-American artist finds beauty in the most unlikely places, turning mundane scenes into works of art. His love for Aspen trees and their ethereal shimmery foliage can be seen in Aspen Morning.

The bleached barks of the trees with their self-prune eyes stand guard under a canopy of amber leaves. In celebration of a new season, the earth and the Aspens are equally abundant with life. Sunlight dances through this wooded land as springtime fills the air with renewed hope.

This piece will create a soothing ambiance in any room and invigorate your spirit, inspiring you to take up anything with gumption. Aspen Morning is one of only 25 signed, numbered, and hand-enhanced pieces sold worldwide.


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