A Study of Time Past


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Collectors Edition of only 25 worldwide, hand enhanced, signed and numbered by artist

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“There was a time when everything we needed in life was within reach. What we couldn’t find in the drawer, was probably somewhere in the garage, and if not there,

then it could certainly be found in a local store only a short walk away. Things were made to last, or be fixed, if they ever broke down, not to be thrown away or be replaced with equally bad things. There was a sense of permanence in how we lived our lives…” – Alexander Volkov

Tourists who are drawn to the rolling landscapes and sparkling waters of Lake Tahoe always make it a point to stop by the Marcus Ashley Gallery. This colossal space has been home to some of the world’s best works for over 18 years. The gallery’s eclectic collection includes Alexander Volkov art, a series of realism paintings that evoke feelings of comfort and bliss.

Volkov’s paintings have the power to stir up new and familiar emotions as one will experience with A Study Of Time Past. In this piece, the artist paints a rustic barn in fading daylight. The structure appears abandoned as a weathered tractor sits silently in its den.

Volkov touches on the idea of how people cherish old things and often refurbish them instead of parting ways. He ponders on our attachment to worldly things: if we let them go, do we lose ourselves, or are we uncertain about embracing something new? While nature and the seasons thrive and coexist as they always do, the world continues to evolve. Do we get with the times or hold on dearly to the things that we grew up to love?

Change is inevitable, but our hold on the past is still strong, just like the barn in this piece that has withstood the test of time against all odds. Volkov invites viewers to reflect on the profundity of A Study Of Time Past.