Aspen Moon


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33" x 48"



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“In this painting, I wanted to show another, secret side of the Aspens, when on a moonlit night the gold turns to silver.” – Alexander Volkov

Warm, inviting, and spacious, the Marcus Ashley Gallery is home to some of the world’s most famous artists. At the gallery, one can steep themselves in the works of Michelangelo, Dr. Suess, Thomas Easley, and Todd White. While perusing the collections on display, visitors will also find Alexander Volkov art. The artist’s work exudes a quiet brilliance that is seen and felt through precise, steady brushwork.

Volkov’s relationship with light and shadows started when the artist was a student of physics at Leningrad State University. Turning his passion into a full-fledged career propelled Volkov to grow into his craft. In Aspen Moon, the artist captures the changing colors of Aspen foliage against a moonlit sky.

The bleached, slender barks of the Aspens create a lovely contrast against the shimmery leaves. One is drawn to revel in the silence and comfort that this captivating scene brings. Aspen Moon will add depth and character to any corner of a room.

This piece is one of only 25 pieces available worldwide that is hand-enhanced and signed by Volkov.