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26" x 36"



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“Our life is a book that we write as we read it. Sometimes we let the plot lead us, and sometimes we re-write it altogether, but we never know the end of the story. The main thing is to remain true to your character, your true self because if you live every day of your life well, you don’t need to worry about the end chapters.” – Alexander Volkov

The Marcus Ashley Gallery believes in forging lasting bonds with its clients and artists. Unlike other galleries, this space does not believe in an impersonal approach. It’s no wonder why the gallery is a frequent haunt of travelers, art enthusiasts, and budding collectors. Here is where you will find Alexander Volkov art, a series of paintings that emphasize life’s simple pleasures and forgotten treasures.

What sets Volkov apart from other artists of his genre is his ability to adapt to the changing times without losing himself. He believes that no matter where life takes a person, their true essence should remain intact.

In Apple Blossom, the artist paints a vase of apple blossom flowers that create a lovely contrast against the muted hues and stark whites. Sheer curtains drape one corner of the room while an opened book idles on a smooth desk. The scene is a peaceful representation of an idyllic overcast day spent indoors with oneself.

This lovely piece creates a balance of intriguing textures that tie in a comforting vibe. It’s a welcoming space that will let you retreat into the solace it provides. Apple Blossom will look right at home by a window, along an airy corridor, or over a mantle.


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