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June 2022


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Lake Tahoe is home to one of the purest water bodies in the world. This Californian paradise is an idyllic location for locals and tourists. From its Nordic-style mansions and dramatic sunsets to its verdant parks and scenic beaches, Lake Tahoe is a postcard destination worth visiting. The patrons of the Marcus Ashley Gallery consider themselves fortunate to be located in the most beautiful corner of Lake Tahoe. Tucked in a bustling yet serene corner of Heavenly Village, the gallery is the frequent haunt of art appreciators. It is also the best place in California to view and buy Frogman art, a collection of iconic sculptures that will warm your heart at first glance.

Tim Cotterill, fondly known as the Frogman, enjoys recreating nature’s little creatures. His sculptures are usually a playful reimagination of fascinating frogs, birds, fish, and geckos. In his latest sculpture, titled Wordsworth, the affable sculptor brings a barn owl to life. The inky black avian beauty features a crackled patina for textural depth and dimension. Smooth contours, clean lines, and delicate details capture the barn owl’s curiosity and innocence. Gold-tipped talons add a striking contrast to its form.

Frogman freezes a moment in time, allowing collectors to enjoy the eclectic charm of Wordsworth in a room.