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Dimensions 15 × 8.25 × 3 in

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The Sierra Nevada is a stunning mountain range in California that runs across Lake Tahoe, one of America’s deepest freshwater bodies. The region is a picture-perfect location for vacationers and Californians alike. Nestled in a buzzing, quaint corner in Heavenly Village is the marvelous Marcus Ashley Gallery. The exhibition space has been curating the works of American and international artists for over 18 years. The gallery intends to continue expanding its exhibits, including Frogman art, to support and maintain its love for the visual arts.


Frogman’s Midas Touch reveals a holographic frog reaching for a snail on a palm tree frond. The frog’s brilliant patina carries a dreamy blend of golden-tinted hues as if touched by King Midas himself. The autumnal tones of the fallen frond create a striking accent against the little silvery mollusk. The sculptor relies on immaculate molding and casting techniques to bring Midas Touch to life.


Tim “Frogman” Cotterill speaks passionately about the creatures that populate his collection. When asked what he wishes to portray in his frog sculptures, he says, “I try to capture the whimsy and good spirits of the little frogs.” Collectors will adore how Midas Touch adds a magical touch to any room.