Sound of Silence


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22" x 33"



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“This is one of my own favorite winter landscapes. Towards the end of the day when the sky cleared after a snowfall that lasted for almost twenty-four hours.” – Alexander Volkov

The Marcus Ashley Gallery is an established fine art gallery in Lake Tahoe, CA, exhibiting a comprehensive panoply of Alexander Volkov art. A New Jersey resident, Volkov has immortalized, on canvas, the splendid landscapes of his home state during the different seasons. He mirrors the mood and atmosphere of various times of the day in his paintings. These prints are an elegant addition to the walls of urban dwellings, country clubs, classy resorts, and five-star hotels.

Sound of Silence is a picture of winter in rural America where horses remain free to commune with trees. This piece showcases Volkov’s command of the language of light and darkness. His signature rendition of the two elements clashing until they reach the point of harmony is at once stunning and poetic. The remarkable details, depth, and balance provide a three-dimensional quality to the scene, compelling the viewer to reach out and touch the surface to make sure it is not a photograph.

Sound of Silence is part of a Collectors Edition of only 25 pieces available worldwide, and it comes hand-enhanced, signed, and numbered by the artist.