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November 2021


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The Marcus Ashley Gallery is home to some of the world’s best sculptures, figurines, limited-edition prints, and paintings. It is also the perfect place to view and acquire Frogman art. The sculptor is well-known for his bronze sculptures that reveal his love for nature’s finest creatures on land and in the sky.


Frogman observes amphibians in their natural habitat before recreating them in stark detail. Mirari is inspired by a frog that the sculptor spotted in his garden while sipping on a cup of Joe. The artist captures the brightly colored amphibian just seconds before it’s about to devour a bug on a leaf.


In Latin, the word Mirari means “marvel, focus, and admire,” which are terms that Frogman associates with this lovely little creature. This limited-edition sculpture is infused with an electric green patina and crackle effect, giving the frog a realistic finish.


Mirari is perfect for new fans or those wishing to expand an existing collection of Frogman sculptures. Place it underneath a potted plant at home or use it as a centerpiece to take advantage of its exquisite details.