Gemini – BF146


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Dimensions 1 × 2.25 × 3.25 in


Limited Edition

Signed and numbered


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“Gemini” is a stunning wall-hanging sculpture from the Frogman Bronze collection, capturing the essence of playful symmetry and companionship. This piece features a pair of frogs, cast in a beautiful, iridescent teal patina that glimmers like the surface of a tranquil pond under the sunlight. They are poised mid-climb, their elongated bodies and limbs flowing in harmony, which accentuates the fluidity and grace of their ascent.

The frogs’ feet are finished in a glossy black with coppery touches, providing a dramatic contrast that highlights the delicate detailing of their webbing. Their ascent is anchored by a sleek, upward-swirling bronze vine, polished to a lustrous shine that beautifully complements the cool blue of the frogs’ bodies.

Designed to adorn a wall, “Gemini” brings a dynamic three-dimensional aspect to art collecting, encouraging an interaction between the piece, the space, and the viewer. The name “Gemini,” a nod to the zodiac sign symbolizing duality and connection, perfectly encapsulates the dual nature of this sculpture: it is at once a bold statement piece and a subtle celebration of form, motion, and togetherness.