Casanova- BF204


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2.5" x 5.5" x 8"


Limited Edition

Signed and numbered


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“Casanova,” a charming bronze sculpture by the renowned Frogman, Tim Cotterill, perfectly captures the spirit of love and romance. This engaging piece features a vibrant green frog with sleek, black-tipped limbs and a pair of earnest, bulging black eyes that add life and character to the sculpture. The frog is depicted clinging to a rich, ruby-red heart that glistens with a high gloss finish, as if it’s protecting or offering its love.

The heart, substantial and inviting, serves as the focal point of the piece, with its translucent quality and deep color suggesting depth and passion. Cotterill’s “Casanova” beautifully combines the whimsical nature of the frog with the universal symbol of love, making it an ideal gift for someone special or a treasure for collectors who appreciate art that evokes emotion.

Each aspect of the sculpture, from the polished bronze to the intricately detailed frog, exemplifies Cotterill’s skill in creating works that tell a story and connect with the viewer. “Casanova” is more than just a sculpture; it’s a bold declaration of love, captured in bronze for eternity.