Break’s Over


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12" x 9" x 15.75"


Limited Edition

Signed and numbered


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“Break’s Over” by the celebrated Frogman, Tim Cotterill, is a whimsically captivating bronze sculpture that depicts the playful essence of a brief respite. This piece shows a richly textured, green frog with subtle amber hues ready to leap off from its cleverly angled, linear perch, resembling a diving board or perhaps a seesaw, poising for action as its break comes to an end.

The sculpture’s name suggests a return to activity, and one can almost imagine the frog’s muscles tensing in preparation. The dark patina of the perch provides a stark, elegant contrast to the frog’s smooth, vibrant finish, highlighting Cotterill’s talent for creating depth and movement in his sculptures.

A combination of lightheartedness and anticipation, “Break’s Over” carries an implicit message of enjoying one’s moments of leisure before energetically jumping back into the fray. It’s a delightful expression of Cotterill’s artistry and would make an engaging, thought-provoking addition to any collection, appealing to both the aesthetic and the narrative senses of the viewer.

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