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Limited Edition

Signed and numbered

Release Date

December 2023


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“Blitzen” is an enchanting bronze sculpture by Tim Cotterill, part of his 2023 holiday collection. This delightful piece showcases a frog with a unique, multi-toned patina, exuding a festive spirit that promises to add a touch of yuletide joy to any setting. The sculpture is inspired by the whimsical character of Blitzen, a reindeer from holiday folklore. Blitzen, deriving her name from the Dutch word for “lightning,” is portrayed as the eighth reindeer, known for her adventurous and playful nature. She embodies energy and thrill-seeking, characteristics that are vividly captured in the dynamic pose and vibrant finish of the sculpture. Embodying the speed and agility of lightning, Blitzen represents promptness and reliability, ensuring that her boss, Mr. Claus, always completes his deliveries on time. This sculpture, with its lively demeanor and captivating design, is a perfect representation of Blitzen’s spirited essence, making it a must-have for collectors and holiday enthusiasts alike.