Be Mine – BF251


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Dimensions 9.75 × 5 × 11.75 in


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Visitors to the Marcus Ashley Gallery will find that it’s also a great place for kids who often find the works of Dr. Seuss fascinating to behold, particularly rare prints of the Cat in the Hat. From Michelangelo to Steve Barton, Ira Reines, and Michael Parkes, the gallery is a must-visit location for newbie and sophisticated collectors. Tourists and locals equally relish the impressive collections on display, particularly the Frogman art.


The sculptor is recognized and celebrated for his animal-inspired sculptures that portray a unique perspective of nature’s creatures. Be Mine reveals a crimson red frog springing from a polished dual-toned heart-shaped bronze base, reaching for an elusive golden butterfly. Perfect to give someone special, or as a treat to yourself, Be Mine will make a heartwarming gift. Frogman beautifully molds this sculpture to underscore the creative expression of attraction.


Be Mine features contrasting hues that amplify the narrative of this wonderful sculpture. Introduce this unabashed little frog to any corner of a room to create an uplifting aesthetic. Frogman’s special limited-edition pieces are a joy to view and shop for at the gallery.