Snow Moon


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40" x 30"



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“This old patriarch is still standing guard over the farmstead just as it did on the February night, the night of the snow moon.” – Alexander Volkov

Winter in Lake Tahoe is a paradise for ski enthusiasts with its plethora of ski resorts. Even non-skiers can relish the grandiose of the Sierras riding the gondolas that traverse the air offering spectacular views. While there, a Marcus Ashley Gallery stopover will add a new dimension to the overall Tahoe experience. Its expansive Alexander Volkov art collection alone is worth the side trip.

A devoted skier himself, Volkov’s season of choice is winter. Being a master of light and realism, he finds that no other scene matches the beauty of dark tree trunks and bare branches contrasting with pure white sleet.

Snow Moon is one piece that demonstrates this passion. The full moon in February is traditionally called the snow moon because it is during this month that the largest volume of snow falls from the skies. And Volkov proves it in this painting. It makes the viewer wonder whether the illumination comes from the celestial orb or the white flakes. And yet, the artist distracts with the poetry of hairlike branches starkly weaving through the radiance.