Belle Fleur


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10.75" x 13.5" x 7.5"


Limited Edition

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“Belle Fleur,” a delightful sculpture by Frogman, Tim Cotterill, features an enchanting lavender frog in a dynamic pose, as it climbs the stem of a stunning gold nitrate tulip. The sculpture exudes a sense of yearning and aspiration, with the frog reaching upwards towards the beautifully crafted, swaying tulip that appears to be just out of reach.

The contrast between the metallic sheen of the golden tulip and the serene lavender of the frog creates an eye-catching visual appeal. The tulip’s gold nitrate finish shimmers with a radiant warmth, evoking the glow of sunlight, while the cool lavender tone of the frog provides a sense of calm and balance.

This 2017 flower release by Cotterill is a tribute to his very first Mother’s Day sculpture, carrying on the tradition of honoring mothers through art. “Belle Fleur” could serve as an exquisite gift or a treasured addition to a collection, symbolizing the nurturing and uplifting spirit of motherhood. Its blend of elegance and whimsy is a hallmark of Cotterill’s work, making it a cherished piece for admirers of his art.

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