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June 2022


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The Marcus Ashley Gallery is home to the whimsical assemblage of Frogman art by Tim Cotterill. Fondly known by the moniker Frogman, the sculptor’s love for frogs is as immense as his knowledge of metalworks. Frogman draws inspiration from the world around him, often finding his next subject in his garden or on one of his travels. He beckons viewers to step into his fantastical world where frogs, birds, geckos, and koi fish coexist. Visitors will enjoy the beauty of his nature-inspired sculptures and the life-like energy they exude.

Say hello to Byron, the barn owl who assumes a cautious pose as he stares ahead with unblinking eyes. Frogman chooses a deep brown patina to amplify his form, shape, and smooth contours. The crackled effect lends the sculpture a textural dimension and depth. Byron’s agile legs, smooth features, hollow eyes, and sharp talons are deftly recreated under Frogman’s skillful hands. The sculptor relies on the Lost Wax method to capture the dynamic and intricate nature of the owl.

Byron is an exciting new addition to Frogman’s growing family of sculptures, most of which can be found at the gallery. Interested collectors can approach the gallery’s personable staff to buy a piece or two from Frogman’s eclectic array of sculptures.

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