California Gold – BF253


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13" x 6" x 7.25"


Limited Edition

Signed and numbered


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“California Gold” by Tim Cotterill, affectionately known as Frogman, is a vibrant bronze sculpture that captures the serendipitous beauty of wildflowers. The sculpture features a stunning, saturated purple frog reaching toward a trio of variegated gold petals, emblematic of California’s rich floral biodiversity. Each petal is delicately connected by a silver chain, symbolizing the random yet harmonious link between nature’s creations.

This 2021 Mother’s Day sculpture is a vibrant celebration of natural beauty emerging in unexpected places, just as wildflowers bloom without cultivation. The contrast between the vivid purple of the frog and the warm gold of the flowers creates a visually striking piece, and the fluidity of the chain adds a dynamic element to the sculpture.

Cotterill’s “California Gold” is more than a decorative piece; it’s a narrative about the resilience and unanticipated beauty of nature. It serves as a metaphor for the nurturing and untamed spirit of motherhood, making it a meaningful gift or a cherished addition to a fine art collection. The artwork is a tribute to the unexpected and often overlooked beauty in our surroundings, encouraging observers to seek out and appreciate the wild and natural splendor of the world.