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Dimensions 6 × 4.5 × 3 in


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Whether you want to celebrate a significant event, are searching for a statement piece, or are interested in new artists, the Marcus Ashley Gallery in Lake Tahoe is the perfect place to do all that and more. The gallery has an impressive collection of artwork by both established and emerging artists. Among the many works on display at the gallery is the Frogman art, a collection of sculptures of frogs, birds, koi fish, and geckos.


In Buzz, a dazzling gold frog spies an adventurous honey bee buzzing around a richly textured red flower. Frogman expertly captures nature in motion through a stunning selection of bright, luminescent patinas buffed to perfection. This spectacular sculpture by Frogman deserves to be placed in a prominent spot in a room.


Cotterill, aka Frogman, draws inspiration from the little creatures he spots along streams and in the countryside. His love for nature and the tiny living things on the planet emerges beautifully through his sculptures. The sculptor’s eye for detail and artistic excellence shine through in the vitality and character of Buzz. Whichever way you view this sculpture, you’ll find Frogman’s quintessential touch in its smooth, faultless curves and dips.