Winter Dusk


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30" x 40"



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“Over the years I have painted John’s house four times. This was the last winter when John was there. He was getting too old and needed to be moved to a place where he could receive better care. Wherever he is now, I am sure he must miss the old house. I am sure the old house misses him, too.” – Alexander Volkov

Unlike most fine art galleries, Marcus Ashley Gallery does not employ a “white box” culture. Rather, long-term relationships are the norm between its owners and staff and their clientele and artists. Thus, it is the default destination for Alexander Volkov art collectors and rural landscape painting aficionados when looking for an additional piece. These prints are priceless wall decors in posh resorts, exclusive country clubs, and luxury hotels.

Winter Dusk is a masterpiece in the arena of illustrating the passage of time. Sunset, an old house, winter-white snow, and leafless tree branches indicate an ending. Perhaps not of a season or a generation, but definitely of a day in one’s life. Whatever the case, the artist successfully imparts his signature theme of longing and nostalgia in a marvelous composition. The conflict between light and dark, also a Volkov trademark, results in a dramatic harmony of subdued tones that come together to create magic on canvas.