Another Life


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28" x 40"



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“This old piano once lived a different life. Perhaps it was played by jazz musicians in a bar in Philly, perhaps used to inspire the young in their piano lessons. Now it comes to rest in a small restaurant in New Hope, PA, acquiring a different meaning… a new role… another life.” – Alexander Volkov

All are welcome to explore the works of renowned local and international artists under one roof at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. From the attentive staff to the well-versed art consultants, the gallery is a must-visit for residents and tourists. For those who appreciate impressionist realism, you will love how Alexander Volkov art blends cultivated mastery with heartfelt storytelling.

Another Life takes us to a quaint restaurant in the borough of New Hope, Pennsylvania. This little place houses an old piano that piqued Volkov’s interest at first glance.

Did musicians play the piano in a mellow or lively bar? Or did it inspire a student to turn simple melodies into orchestral compositions? The stories the piano holds within its keys are a mystery that makes one wonder about its journey through time.

It now serves a different purpose and plays a different tune that may one day come alive in its new home. Volkov throws the limelight on a seemingly ordinary subject that is otherwise rife with history. As a thought-provoking piece, Another Life promises to stir up intriguing conversations among guests.