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“It shows the interior of the Olson house in Cushing, Maine, the home of Christina and Alvaro Olson, who were Andrew Wyeth’s lifelong friends. For nearly 30 years he has had his studio at the house and painted it countless times, but it was the painting “Christina’s World” that made the place famous and the name of the Olson family known to the rest of the world.

“From this chair, you can see the field in which Andrew Wyeth has painted Christina, and beyond the field, under the pines, a small family cemetery where the Olson family members and Andrew Wyeth are now buried.” – Alexander Volkov

The Marcus Ashley Gallery with its spacious interiors, warm ambiance, and genuine staff will prove to be worth your while. It offers the same level of service to its customers and clients, whether online or in person. Visitors will find an intriguing mix of art forms at the gallery and Alexander Volkov art is a part of its growing reserve of local and international works.

Andrew Wyeth was a master of impressionist art and a major influence in Volkov’s life. The artist dedicates this piece, titled Christina’s World, to Wyeth as an homage to the painter’s profound work. Volkov shares how Wyeth maintained a studio at Christina’s home, a beloved space he occupied for years.

From this room, the view is as breathtaking as the piece itself. A mason jar of freshly picked flowers sits on the window sill, overlooking a lush backyard with a glistening river in the distance. Daylight streams into the room and bathes the vacant chair and floorboards with warm sunshine.

Christina suffered from polio and was often confined indoors. Wyeth also remained rooted in this lovely place as she did. He found solace in the Olson home and often drew inspiration from its inhabitants. Living in a bubble with only nature and the Olson’s for company, Wyeth discovered more about himself and his craft.

Christina’s World is rife with storytelling that allows us to embrace the idea of a life well-lived. Add charm and character to any space by acquiring this collector edition from the Marcus Ashley Gallery.