The Old Guard


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28" x 38"



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“This is about the dignity and peace at the end of a life well-lived.” – Alexander Volkov, 2004

A journey through Lake Tahoe, Northern California, the Sierra Foothills, and Las Vegas can be more fulfilling by adding a day trip to Heavenly Village to the itinerary. In the heart of the cobblestoned shopping district is the Marcus Ashley Gallery, one of the preeminent fine art galleries in the region. Within its museum-like showroom lies a vast assembly of Alexander Volkov art. These iconic oil paintings range from still life and window themes to sunset and rural landscapes. Their dramatic colors and compositions have attracted art lovers from across the globe.

In The Old Guard, Volkov demonstrates his storytelling skill through the power of ardent brushstrokes. A pentad of oil lamps displayed on a wooden table inspires nostalgia and remembrance of a distant past. The clear outlines express the value of the objects during their time, while the lightless wicks signify the temporariness of things. It invites the onlooker to look back at what has been, appreciate what is, and look forward to what can be.