The Origins of Spring


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36" x 26"



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“The origin of spring is in our hearts. It is in the care we take waiting for it to come. It is in our faith in light, in our love of life.” – Alexander Volkov, 2006

Many tourists consider Lake Tahoe as a summer and winter destination. But from April until early May, the steadily rising temperature marks the transition to spring. It is the perfect time to traverse Emerald Bay on paddlewheel, explore the Sierras on foot, kayak on the lake, and even exploit one’s beginner’s luck in a casino. In between adventures, drop by at Marcus Ashley Gallery and browse through one of the largest Alexander Volkov art collections on display. These oil paintings offer the many faces of spring that one can contemplate on any time of year.

The Origins of Spring is a Collectors Edition, available in only 25 pieces worldwide. It belongs to Volkov’s Window series, created to bring life to a plain or empty wall. The illusion of looking out into a different world where time stops on one perpetual April day is at once soothing and nostalgic.

Frost prepares to rest while flora and fauna awaken from hibernation. This imaginary yet familiar landscape of conflicting light and darkness is a Volkov trademark.