Shakespeare Moon


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34" x 24"



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“Here is another one of my paper cut out pieces, and as you might have guessed, the two main characters are Hamlet and Ophelia. I painted this soon after An Evening With Shakespeare. The sheet and the two figures are the same ones that I used in that painting. I like the idea of one story flowing into another. No matter how complete each artist’s pieces are, it is only a part of a larger work in progress. I know this about myself and I can’t see why it would not be true of Shakespeare. I seldom feel like a painting is totally finished. I don’t think it is even possible to determine such a moment in any period of time. The best you can do is decide when it is okay to let go of it and give it a chance to live a life of its own, and hope that someone will pick it up right there and ‘continue’ it with their own life.” – Alexander Volkov

Marcus Ashley Gallery is known for its excellent service, custom framing, worldwide shipping, and private home shows for clients within a 60-mile radius. It hosts a large collection of Alexander Volkov art, both on-site and online. Volkov is recognized in the art world for his innumerable representations of light and dark interplay in the realism style. His oil paintings are an elegant addition to spaces with plain and monochromatic walls.

In Shakespeare Moon, Volkov combines a few of his favored subject matters. An unseen window visualized by the shadow it casts on the wall serves as the backdrop for the scene. Old objects – an oil lamp, a desk clock, a book with yellowed pages – are memoirs of days passed but not forgotten. Radiance and shadow vie for attention, and then end in harmony. Hamlet and Ophelia could not be on a better stage.