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28" x 44"



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“Stonnington Harbor, Maine. Off-season… Christmas 2009. Not a soul in sight. Barely distinguishable on the side of the old boat I could read “Captain James”. I wonder if it ever made it back into the sea…” – Alexander Volkov, 2013

Considered a year-round hideaway, Lake Tahoe in California caters to travelers in any season. Winter, summer, spring, or autumn, globetrotters and backpackers alike will find no shortage of fun and relaxing activities in the basin’s picturesque environs. One of them is Marcus Ashley Gallery, home to an extensive repertoire of Alexander Volkov art.

Volkov’s realism oil paintings include a Sea Expressions series that will fit perfectly in vacation destinations. Off Season is one of the pieces in this set. It offers an atmosphere of tranquility with the subdued colors of a winter sunset on the coast. Some may wonder what a seaboard might look like when the cold months descend upon the shoreline. Volkov provides an answer in this portrait of an old boat moored on the beach.

Using impassioned brushstrokes, Volkov creates a replica of the quiet scene where both man and nature take a respite from labor. The comforting color palette in Off Season will warm up a wall and add light to any space.