Ode To Joy


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48" x 34"



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“This is about the music of light when each color rings like an individual note, together forming a symphony of joy.” – Alexander Volkov, 2008

One of the most recommended destinations for enthusiasts and tourists to Tahoe is the Marcus Ashley Gallery. With a combined enthusiasm for the Sierras and the arts, guests can browse, shop, and learn about fine art while vacationing. The showroom displays a vast collection of internationally recognized artists of our time, like Alexander Volkov art.

Famous for landscape paintings in the realism style, Volkov presents scenes that breathe life into a plain space, whether a home living room or a hotel lobby.

In Ode To Joy, the artist shares his passion for the charm of the seasons, seen through the golden leaves of Autumn. Illustrating a worm’s eye view, this piece emphasizes the height, strength, and might of trees as they reach up to their full potential. At the same time, Volkov does not miss the opportunity to showcase his trademark interaction of light and dark through the shadows falling on tree trunks alternating with the brightness thrown by sunlight.

The dramatic and dreamlike effect that Ode To Joy achieves is unmistakably Volkov.