October Wind


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24" x 42"



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“Since my childhood, my strongest association with Autumn has been the smell of burning leaves and the clarity of light in October. This place is not far from us, in Flemington, NJ. The name of the old guy who owns it is Poletelo. His ancestors must have come from somewhere in Eastern Europe. The word poletelo has a Slavic root and means has flown.” – a memory from Alexander Volkov

The Marcus Ashley Gallery lies in the heart of Heavenly Village at South Lake Tahoe, a bustling shopping district where art thrives. Home to an expansive repertoire of Alexander Volkov art, the gallery offers a gratifying experience, letting viewers browse and learn about the realism painter. His oil paintings are collected by hotels around the world for the feeling of tranquility they impart.

October Wind belongs to the artist’s Seasons series. The focal point in the painting is an old residence – one of Volkov’s favorite subjects and  rich in both charm and history. Set against the background of a dark October sky, the warm sunlight and yellow-orange trees provide a stark yet stunning contrast to the dramatic shadows cast by towering trees over the dwelling’s façade. October Wind is the consummate setting for Volkov’s distinctive style of allowing light to clash with dark, ultimately creating a synergy of art imitating life.