Breaking of the Ice


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33" x 52"


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For city dwellers looking for respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Lake Tahoe is the perfect getaway. After a day of much-needed sun and excitement, travelers can head to the gallery to get their fill of exquisite art. This is the perfect place for curious folks to convert into art enthusiasts. One collection that never fails to spark interesting conversations is the Alexander Volkov art.

The changing seasons are like symphonies: the acoustics, intensity variations, and tonal complexities are distinct from one composition to the next. Volkov takes it a step further in several pieces by capturing the transition of the seasons. Breaking Of The Ice is a perfect example of that monumental moment of one season melting into the next.

Under a pastel-hued sky, the quivering trees whisper about the imminent arrival of spring. The ice melts and breaks away, giving way to little creeks that journey off to distant rivers. The earth awakes from a deep slumber as the seedlings of new beginnings take root. Volkov’s poetic and passionate compositions always leave room open for scintillating interpretation.

Breaking Of The Ice is part of a collectors edition with only 25 pieces available worldwide, each one hand enhanced, signed, and numbered by Volkov himself.