October Creek


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32" x 48"



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“Solitude is the healthiest state of being, because at that moment you connect to the essence of who you are, undistracted by the need to be what others expect of you. This is when you feel unburdened and untethered, the most natural version of yourself.” – Alexander Volkov

At Lake Tahoe, tourists and residents alike flock to the Marcus Ashley Gallery to view the extensive art on display. The gallery offers warm customer service, custom framing, and worldwide shipping, among its other services. Lovers of Alexander Volkov art also frequent the museum-like showroom, drawn to the enviable collection of the artist’s oil paintings. The collection includes his Seasons series – breathtaking illustrations of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter in various natural landscapes.

October Creek is one such piece, a vibrant canvas of the golden colors of Fall artfully captured in the leaves of trees that are yet to shed. The muted sunlight casts a magical glow on the face of boulders as the continuous flow of water bathes the unmindful rocks in its path. It is another masterpiece from the Light and Realism painter known for his impeccable talent of transposing real life onto a work of art.

Part of a Collectors Edition, October Creek is available for purchase in-person or online from the Marcus Ashley Gallery.