November Road


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31" x 48"



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“The end of every journey is the beginning of a new one. When I turn around and look back, I see a lot of places, people, and a long road traveled. Still, I feel that I am a lot closer to the beginning than to the end of it.” – Alexander Volkov

Within the impressive Alexander Volkov art collection at Marcus Ashley Gallery, the artist’s Seasons series are a source of endless fascination and delight for art aficionados. Each oil painting in this set is a deserving focal point in any well-appointed living room or the lobby of a five-star vacation destination. Be it Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter – the subject matter is always portrayed with a unique take on realism, Volkov style.

November Road is Volkov’s perception of that moment in time when Fall recedes and Winter takes its place. It is the quintessential setting, vividly capturing the artist’s passion for depicting the collision between light and dark, that peacefully concludes in a balanced composition wherein both emerge victorious. The leafless trees invoke nostalgia while the still-green grass holds a promise of a budding future when the world reawakens after a wintry lull.

November Road is part of a Collectors Edition on display at the Marcus Ashley Gallery, where it can be purchased and even custom framed on request.