Lilac Moon


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30" x 40"



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“These tracks run along the East Bank of the Delaware River from Frenchtown, past Milford, to Easton. I have imagined this painting, although the place is real. It is like a dream that has a memory of El Greco’s “Storm Over Toledo” in it. I imagine that if you followed these tracks they would lead you to some strange faraway place. All you have to do is start walking.” – Alexander Volkov

For those who appreciate modern, abstract, impressionist, or still-art pieces, the Marcus Ashley Gallery is the perfect place to visit. Stop by this mammoth gallery to experience a world like no other through the works of local and international artists. As part of its repertoire of growing collections, the gallery curates Alexander Volkov art.

Lilac Moon is a riveting piece with an eerie yet divine composition that underscores Volkov’s brilliant brushwork. The artist uses a light yet controlled hand to create a surreal atmosphere reminiscent of Greco’s famous painting. This piece portrays more than just what the eyes can see; it imparts a vortex of feelings through every brushstroke.

The Delaware River and the surrounding area are a recurring subject of Volkov’s paintings since that is where the artist resides. Living in the lap of nature, he is witness to its raw, untouched, and constantly changing natural beauty. Viewers are fortunate to enjoy these beautiful places along the countryside through Volkov’s work.


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