Lilac Window


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40" x 25"



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“The main thing for me in my paintings is light. It symbolizes the present moment, something which is right here and now, the second within which we actually exist. We do not live in the past or the future, we think about them. And by the end of the twentieth century, we have been taught to think so much in a useless and cluttered way, that instead of living in the present we only think about it. So, here is a moment in early May. And it will never be the same.” – Alexander Volkov

The exceptional customer service and its vast collection are what sets the Marcus Ashley Gallery apart. Collectors will find that the Alexander Volkov art on display has the power to revive any space.

Volkov’s window scenes never fail to stir up emotions of comfort and assurance. In Lilac Window, the artist creates a serene spot beside a translucent curtain. The shadow play on its surface reveals the artist’s meticulous brushwork, capturing a dance of light and shadow. A large vase of lilac flowers adorns the tabletop alongside an open book.

Volkov invites us to appreciate the fleeting moments of immeasurable peace and happiness while lamenting how we tend to displace a present moment by living in the past or future. Dwelling on things that have or haven’t happened only ruins the beauty of what the present holds. Lilac Window will fill a room with charm and character. This piece is a must-have Volkov classic to mount in a quaint cafe, restaurant, lodge, or tavern.