Keys to Everything


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30" x 40"



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“There are keys to everything. Doors that no longer open, drawers full of forgotten things and stories never told. We assume each memory will always be there and we take it for granted. There is a purpose for each one of those keys and it will forever remain unknown if we cast the key away.” – Alexander Volkov

The Marcus Ashley Gallery is well-known in the art community for its congenial staff and warm interactions. This brick-and-mortar space is the culmination of years of combined experience and love for art. Besides its grand reservoir of Alexander Volkov art, the gallery is also home to some of the best works by globally renowned artists.

What’s fascinating about Volkov is that he has received no professional training in art. What you see is a product of ingenuity and a hunger for learning. His ability to weave a story through his work is a remarkable forte.

Keys To Everything portrays a working space with a smorgasbord of old yet once-valuable items. As you take in the dust-laced items, your eyes will finally settle on the one thing illuminated by candlelight: a jar of keys. The keys represent different doors and receptacles that they open. Volkov reveals how one must hoard memories like keys lest they be forgotten forever.

Keys To Everything beautifully highlights the artist’s mastery through immaculate brushwork. This piece like others by the artist has graced the walls of luxury and quaint spaces.