Last Snow


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30" x 40"



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The Marcus Ashley Gallery invites visitors to explore its enormous collection of art by local and international artists. Whether you visit the gallery in person or online, you’ll be witness to a rich cornucopia of art forms. New and avid collectors can acquire Alexander Volkov art and other similarly impressive pieces from the gallery.

In Last Snow, Volkov paints a breathtaking landscape nestled in the lap of a transitioning winter. The icy creek breaks free from the frost, creating deep rifts along its surface. The artist beautifully captures that moment just before the kiss of spring falls on the land. It’s as if the snow-covered earth below and the sun-painted heavens above were waiting to be captured on canvas.

Volkov’s affinity for snow-laden landscapes comes through in a flurry of pale purples, powder blues, and marshmallow pinks. Ignite the ambiance and aesthetic of a room by mounting this grand piece on any wall.

Those wishing to have this piece or others by Volkov framed can reach out to the Marcus Ashley Gallery for assistance.