January Silence


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26" x 40"



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Unlike other establishments that display and sell art, the Marcus Ashley Gallery extends a personal touch. The patrons believe in fostering real connections with clients, customers, and visitors. Here is where one can truly experience the different facets of art. You’re sure to love the collections by famous and upcoming artists as well as the Alexander Volkov art on display.

If you’re having a bad day, just let a Volkov painting help soothe your senses. January Silence is the perfect example of the artist’s love for seasonal themes. This piece carries a seamless blend of loose and rigid brushwork. Dark clouds float overhead as roofed structures down below enjoy the silence of a wintry twilight. Conifers dot the icy horizon as snow stretches across the earth as far as the eyes can see.

The air is chilly, but indoors it is warm and inviting in the company of family. Life is now unhurried and at a standstill and the days signal the countdown to yet another new year as winter makes itself at home.

January Silence is the perfect painting for collectors who admire Volkov’s season-centric pieces.