Dawn Frost


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30" x 40"



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Lake Tahoe is a scenic destination for tourists who want to experience the tranquility of nature at its glorious. With the Sierra Nevada in full view and a land that is abundant with flora and fauna, this slice of paradise is the perfect getaway. It is also home to the Marcus Ashley Gallery, a grand, warm space that proudly displays local and international pieces, including Alexander Volkov art.

Growing up, Volkov was accustomed to living amidst a Russian cityscape with a limited view of nature. The artist now finds solace and joy in the countryside of New Jersey, where pastoral landscapes abound.

In Dawn Frost, Volkov demonstrates the majesty of winter in the daytime. The artist reveals a kind of heavenly phenomenon that only the trees are witness to. Fresh frost blankets the land and clings to the branches as sunlight erupts through the cluster of trees. Dramatic brushstrokes give way to a mystical finish.

This piece presents a humbling moment that allows us to feel the power and transcendental beauty of nature. Art collectors can create a strong focal point in any room with Dawn Frost.