Corals of Winter


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32" x 46"



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“Morning after a snowfall. Every single branch is covered with snow and the trees look like giant glistening corals.” – Alexander Volkov

From Dr. Seuss and Michelangelo to Mario Jung and Steve Barton, visitors will have plenty to browse through at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. Here is where one can steep in a smorgasbord of contemporary, hyper-realistic, whimsical, and classic works. One collection that will surely awaken your senses is the Alexander Volkov art.

The artist is best known for his seasonal pieces that capture the essence and unique facets of nature. In Corals Of Winter, Volkov reveals a wonderland of snow as it hugs the earth and clings to the branches, making the trees look like giant corals frozen in time.

The juxtaposition of this snowy, frosted landscape with the gradient, blushing sky creates a brilliant effect. Volkov’s controlled brushwork and muted yet rich palette add an otherworldly charm to this piece. Corals of Winter allows viewers to appreciate the delicate fragility of one of nature’s many faces.

Interested buyers who wish to explore or acquire more of Volkov’s work need not look any further than the Marcus Ashley Gallery.