Anticipation of Spring


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44" x 33"



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For those who want to enjoy art in the company of close friends, the Marcus Ashley Gallery is happy to host private shows for Lake Tahoe residents. The gallery extends a slew of services intended to make visitors feel welcome and at home. Its spacious walkways allow viewers to explore the collections, including Alexander Volkov art, at length.

With every passing season, nature undergoes a mercurial shift, revealing its raw beauty. In Anticipation Of Spring, Volkov paints a family of leafless trees reaching towards a cloudy sky. As winter gradually loosens its cold clutch, the trees sense the coming of spring.

From this vantage point, it’s as if one were looking up at the sky. Volkov marries muted colors with a dramatic proportion in this composition to evocatively capture a profound seasonal transition that many would overlook as part of the passage of time. In life, that crucial moment just before a major chapter unveils itself marks a significant transition. If that moment was a painting, this would be it.