Turquoise Treasure


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“Turquoise Treasure” by Rolinda Stotts is a striking original mixed media artwork that captures the vibrancy and depth of the turquoise gemstone. This slender, vertical piece evokes the essence of an elongated mineral deposit, a slice of earth rich with color and life.

From the cerulean cap that crowns the top, through a cascade of teal and aquamarine, down to the deep sapphire and indigo that anchor it, this artwork is a celebration of blue in all its shades and moods. The vertical format suggests a connection between sky and earth, a conduit of color that bridges the expanse with intensity and passion.

The surface is a labyrinth of textures and fissures, reminiscent of the natural veining found in stones and minerals. This tactile aspect invites the observer to not only gaze upon the piece but to feel drawn to touch, to explore the ridges and grooves that speak of the artwork’s handcrafted origins.

“Turquoise Treasure” is not just a piece of art; it is a sensory experience that beckons to be interacted with, a vertical journey through the cool, refreshing shades of turquoise that would bring a breath of color and life to any space. It’s a treasure of artistic expression, a gem that shines with an internal light and a celebration of nature’s palette.