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“Unforgettable” by Rolinda Stotts

Nestled amidst the grandeur of the Yosemite Valley, Rolinda Stotts presents “Unforgettable”, a captivating three-panel ode to the iconic granite monolith that has captured imaginations for centuries. This isn’t merely an art piece; it’s an experience, a journey into the wilderness of California’s Sierra Nevada.

The left panel immerses viewers in the golden serenity of autumn. Fall’s finest hues come alive with trees that dance in fiery oranges, deep reds, and radiant yellows, as if they’ve borrowed their colors directly from the setting sun. Each stroke is a testament to nature’s cyclical beauty, marking time’s passage as seasons change.

The central panel beckons with the shimmering waters of the lake. It’s not just a reflection, but a portal into another world. The calm, mirror-like surface of the water contrasts with the sheer audacity of the Half Dome, suggesting nature’s duality – calm and fierce, tranquil and dynamic. Here, the lake isn’t just a body of water; it’s the silent observer of millennia, holding secrets and tales of the many souls who’ve stood by its banks.

Then, there’s the right panel. Here, Half Dome rises, magnificent and unmoving. Its stoic face, carved by time, tells a million tales of winds that have brushed against it, of storms it has witnessed, and of human marvel. It’s not just a rock, but a guardian of the valley, overseeing its domain with ancient wisdom.

Rolinda’s mastery lies not just in capturing a scene but in encapsulating emotion. The textures, perhaps rough in places, mimic the undulating terrains and the ruggedness of the monolith. The palette, though vivid, carries with it the weight of nostalgia.

“Unforgettable Triptych” is not just art; it’s a sojourn. A retreat into nature’s embrace. With every glance, you might find yourself breathing a little deeper, lost in Yosemite’s embrace, hearing the distant echo of nature’s symphony, and feeling the ageless pulse of the Half Dome. Rolinda Stotts doesn’t just paint landscapes; she weaves dreams and invites you to step into them.