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“Lake Love” by Rolinda Stotts is an original mixed media artwork that captures the essence and hues of a lake through a vertical, elongated canvas. The piece is a gradient journey, beginning with a deep midnight blue at the top, slowly transitioning into vibrant royal blues, and finally culminating in the soft, calming tones of aquamarine and turquoise at the bottom.

The use of mixed media affords the piece a dynamic texture that simulates the rippling surface of water. This intricate topography draws the viewer in, creating an almost tactile experience as if one could feel the coolness of the lake by running their hands over the canvas.

Stotts’ technique creates a maze of fine lines and cracks throughout the artwork, reminiscent of water’s surface tension or the veined patterns of natural stone. These details not only add visual interest but also evoke the serene and rhythmic qualities of a lake’s movement—gentle waves lapping at the shore, reflecting the sky above.

“Lake Love” is a celebration of nature’s fluid beauty, a daily love letter to the serene landscapes that water creates. The artwork serves as a reminder of the tranquil moments spent by the lake, where the sky meets water, and the hustle of life seems to pause. It would bring a sense of peace and natural elegance to any living space, inviting contemplation and a deep appreciation for the simpler, quieter moments in life.