Tee Time


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” We all have good days and we all have bad,
But what we should count on are friends we’ve had.

A friend is someone who is there in doubt,
Someone to laugh with or scream and shout.

True friends can also be wicked,
you’ll see, When playing some golf or having a tea.

They’ll bump you around to make you fall,
Or get under your feet and steal your ball.

When all is said and done, you’re friends to the end,
Should no one asunder, fore friends I’ll defend.”

-Paul Lotz

“Tee Time” is a captivating bronze sculpture by Paul Lotz that whimsically melds the world of sports with the animal kingdom. The sculpture portrays an anthropomorphic character mid-swing atop a zebra, playfully interpreting the game of golf in a safari setting.

The golfer, dressed in traditional attire, complete with a cap and knickers, exhibits a focused expression as they aim for the perfect shot, while the zebra stands patiently, serving as both caddy and mount, adorned with golf clubs on its back. Below, a meerkat observer adds a touch of humor, looking on curiously, perhaps as a commentator or an eager fan.

Lotz’s attention to detail is evident in the textures and patterns of the zebra’s stripes, the lifelike posture of the golfer, and the intricate accessories such as the golf bag and clubs. The patina of the bronze gives the piece an air of timelessness, while the dynamic composition captures a moment of concentration and poise.

“Tee Time” by Paul Lotz is a playful ode to golf enthusiasts and animal lovers alike, a piece that celebrates the joy of the sport in a fantastical context. This sculpture would make a striking and humorous addition to any art collection, particularly for those who appreciate the lighter side of life and the imaginative fusion of different worlds.