Run Like Hell


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“Our life is a whirlwind of chaos today
Twirling around in an awful display.

We all get caught up when rolling the dice,
Dealing with things that cause too much strife.

When industry started bursting through the town,
Causing growth to the rich, the poor abound.

Yet any the man who’s humble and true,
Still finds love for his dog when he steals his shoe.

Rich battleships sail through our murky waters,
In wars poor men fight for wives, sons and daughters.

When seeking fine clothing, cars and money,
You’ll find the GO down, ain’t all that funny.

Keep peace in your heart and let love swell.
If you can’t do that, the RUN LIKE HELL!

Paul Lotz

“Run Like Hell” is a captivating sculpture by Paul Lotz that delivers a powerful message through its intricate design and thematic elements. This artwork is a satirical portrayal of the chase between law enforcement and a wealthy banker accused of stealing from the community, emphasizing the consequences of greed and the pursuit of justice.

In this sculpture, the banker is comically depicted atop a vintage-style car, racing down a spiraling track, with a determined police officer in pursuit. This chase metaphorically unfolds over a series of iconic Monopoly game elements, underscoring the connection between capitalism, industrialism, and societal impact. The piece features a train, symbolizing the unstoppable force of industrial progress and its role in initiating a domino effect of greed and social disruption.

The sculpture’s dynamic composition leads the viewer’s eye downwards, where the “GO” arrow from the Monopoly board points downward, a clever twist indicating the downfall of those caught in wrongdoing. The elements of the game are skillfully integrated, representing the gamble of high-stakes finance and the risk of downfall, as evidenced by the dice and the horse piece, symbols of chance and high society.

This artwork is not only a visual spectacle but also a critique of economic systems and the perilous path of unethical behavior. It serves as a reminder that the pursuit of wealth, symbolized by the banker’s frantic escape, often leads to a treacherous journey with societal consequences, ultimately ending where it began, with the law.

“Run Like Hell” by Paul Lotz is a testament to artistic creativity and social commentary, making it a thought-provoking addition to any collection or display that encourages viewers to reflect on the nature of success, the cost of avarice, and the wheels of justice that turn in response.

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